Interview- Amira from A Self Guru

One of my goals for Confessions of a boss babe is to help empower other boss babes. When I started my blog, I knew that I wanted to have an interview section to help other ladies be seen and grow. 

Today, I am excited to introduce Amira from A Self Guru! I stumbled upon Amira’s Facebook group, ASelfGuru-Biz Blog Community, a few months ago…it’s a great group to join! 

Lets meet Amira!

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Tell Me About Your Business. What Would You Like Us to Know?

I’m a lawyer, blogger and business coach and my online business incorporates all those skills. I’ve been practicing law for more than 8 years and have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions, so it was only natural for me to use those skills in my blogging business to help more entrepreneurs directly. 

Before I became a lawyer, I was a teacher, so I’m very passionate about working with bloggers and making new entrepreneur friends. Through my blog, I teach bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to protect their online business legally along with the business skills they need to become their own boss. 

As a lawyer but also a blogger myself, I aim to provide easy yet super affordable legal templates to fit your business needs, whether that’s a privacy policy you need on your website, a disclaimer, freelance contract for your business, an affiliate program template, LLC operating agreement, or any other type of contract. You name it and chances are I have that legal template even if you don’t see it on my website yet. 

Through my best selling Legal Bundle, I’ve helped hundreds of bloggers and entrepreneurs + thousands of my clients comply with the law, make their website legally compliant and protect themselves from lawsuits! 

So if you are missing legal pages on your website then grab my Legal Bundle here. You are welcome to join my Facebook community too. 

What Made You Pursue Your Business? Was it Something You Always Wanted to Do?

I come from a family of business owners and my dad is a successful entrepreneur in the traditional sense. But nobody in my family owns an online business, and I wanted to start an online business because of the autonomy it offers- you can work from anywhere in the world instead of being tied down to a physical location. 

But I had no idea that blogging could be a successful online business until I stumbled upon a YouTube video of two six-figure bloggers. They inspired me to start a blog and before I knew it, I launched my blog in 7 days while working full-time as a lawyer! You can read my 7 day journey of how I started my blog here.

What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like for You?

Pretty hectic yet super productive! I’m a great planner and an excellent multitasker. I’ve to be if I want to succeed as a blogger while maintaining a full-time job. So my day begins around 4AM, Typically, it looks something like this-

4-4:30AM: Wake up and have my coffee

5-5:30AM Meditate and map out my day on paper

5:30-6:30AM: I try to exercise but some days, I can’t if I have a lot of work to do

6:30-7:00AM: Respond to business emails and questions from customers and interact on social media

Then I get ready for my lawyer job and go to work. In the afternoon, if I’m lucky, I try to respond and work on my blog during lunch. When I get home from work, it’s usually pretty late around 7:00PM and then I have another 2-3 hours to work on my blogging business (if nothing else comes in the way) before I’m brain dead and done for the day! 🙂

If You Could Give Women One Piece of Advice, What Would it Be?

Be your own boss! My blog’s tag line states- be the master of your own destiny– because I firmly believe all women should aspire to be in charge of their future and should live life on their own terms. That means also working for themselves. So my biggest advice would be to believe in yourself, create a blueprint of your future and then take steps every day to turn your vision into reality.

I know it’s not easy because I’ve done it and yet it’s still a challenge every day! But I always say if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. At the end of the day, when you make money from your own business, that feeling is out of this world and truly makes all your hard work and countless sleepless nights all worth it! So don’t ever give up on your dreams and continue to carve your own path! 

If You Could Sit Down and Interview Any Boss Babe, Who Would You Choose and Why?

There are so many wonderful boss babes out there! It’s not easy to pick just one 🙂 If you must insist, then I’d pick Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents because she has achieved a lot of blogging success at such a young age! She regularly earns more than $100,000 a month blogging and has a wealth of information she shares on her blog. So she would be someone I’d love to interview and get to know more. 

Lets Get to Know Amira a Little More… 

Coffee or tea?

I drink both but I love tea more than coffee! 

Favorite book?

There are too many to list! I’d say Million Dollar Habits by Brian Tracy

Guilty Pleasure?

Chocolate- somehow it always makes me feel better 🙂

Last show you binge watched?

Have you seen my crazy hectic schedule above? 🙂 No time to binge watch! But before I started blogging, I did enjoy some shows and one of them was White Collar

If you could have lunch with any woman, past or present, who would it be and why?

Oprah Winfrey because she’s a strong inspiring woman who has endured a lot of hardships in her childhood and life. Yet she has shown us that we can rise above our obstacles and still come out winners in life! She came from nothing and through her hard work, perseverance and dedication, she made a name for herself. I truly admire her strength, charisma and authenticity. 

Amira thank you for doing this interview! I enjoyed reading your answers . It seems most bloggers I’ve interviewed wake up super early to do their blog work…I need to get better at that myself! Also, I love your Facebook group! You are a very inspiring woman and I wish you success in all your future endeavors!