Interview- Colleen Gershey with Bakes and Blunders.

One of my goals with Confessions of a Boss Babe is to help empower other boss babes. When I started my blog, I knew that I wanted to have an interview section to help other ladies be seen and grow. 

Today, I am excited to introduce Colleen Gershey with Bakes and Blunders. Colleen was kind enough to answer some interview questions for me. Let’s meet Colleen! 

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What Made You Pursue Your Business? Was it Something You Always Wanted to Do?

I’m a stay at home mom, and I love it, but being a Type A kind of person, I felt like I lost a big part of my identity when I stopped working. I found it difficult to participate in conversations with adults. All I could contribute was my son’s nap schedule and poop mishaps. I had no job and no contact with the outside world. It was isolating and I knew I needed a hobby. 

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but I haven’t always been very good at it! For my son’s second birthday, I made a Cookie Monster cake by tracing the image onto wax paper with frosting and inverting it onto the cake. 

*If you would like to check out how to transfer a design to your cake, you can read Colleen’s blog post here. 

I had family members watch me do the whole process and they were fascinated! Bonus points, it actually worked! I began baking more and experimenting. This past summer, I realized I knew so much about baking and wanted to talk about every little detail from ingredients to technique to design, and my poor husband was not the right audience. 

A friend inspired me to get Bakes and Blunders up and running. I never would have thought that I’d have a baking blog, but I am loving every second of it! 

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What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like for You?

My son is in a part day preschool program, so I get him ready every morning and drop him off. I then get about 2 1/2 hours at home to get as much blog stuff done! 

I always start off with working on a new post and do a little bit each day. It takes me about 5-7 days to create a post if it involves a recipe. 

Then I work on an item on my calendar. I fill up every day of the month wih a task that needs to be done, but may not be super duper important. This could be checking analytics, writing a newsletter, or looking for new opportunities. 

I fill any extra time with tasks from my “Daily To Do” work list. Before I know it, it’s time to pick up my little man from school. I’m on mom duty until nap time (if he takes one that day) and then I might find a little more time for work. 

In the evenings, I make dinner, clean up, and usually end up working a bit more after bedtime. I squeeze in blog time whenever I can find a few minutes to spare. 

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Tell Us About Your Business. What Would You Like Us to Know?

Bakes and Blunders is a baking blog that doesn’t view mistakes as a problem. I used to get so frustrated when one of my recipes wouldn’t turn out right. It would bum me out and out me in a foul mood…that’s not cool! 

I wanted to love baking and not get grumpy when things didn’t go right. I changed my attitude and always tried to view my blunders as opportunities to grow and learn. 

When a recipe doesn’t work out, I might do some research to figure out the problems, or reevaluate my process to look for the flaws. Now, I still don’t love baking blunders, but I try not to waste the learning experience. 

Bakes and Blunders is a site for anyone who wants to improve their baking and learn a bit about how and why recipes work the way they do. The more you learn about baking, the easier it is to create your own recipes and to improvise when a recipe isn’t working just right. 

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If You Could Give Women One Piece of Business Advice, What Would it Be?

Put yourself out there. No one is going to promote your business for you. I naively assumed when I started Bakes and Blunders that my friends and family would be as excited for me, but it’s not their job to drive traffic to my site and it’s not their job to promote my site. 

Heck, most of them aren’t even in my target audience. I’ve learned that if you want someone to do something for you, you need to be explicit and simply tell them. 

Ask people to visit your site, ask people to sign up for your newsletter, ask people to share your posts. And if you see an opportunity to promote yourself, grab it! Have confidence in what you have to offer. 

If You Could Sit Down and Interview Any Boss Babe, Who Would You Choose and Why?

Cupcake Jemma or Liz Marek from the Sugar Geek Show. Both of these amazing ladies discovered their love of baking around their mid-twenties and are mostly self-taught. I relate to their stories and hope to create some AMAZING creations like theirs one day. 

Lets Get to Know Colleen a Little More…

Coffee or Tea?

Tea! I love coffee, but it makes me sick. 

Favorite Book? 

This is a tough one…The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. 

Guilty Pleasure?

I just got addicted, again, to Candy Crush. I can’t stop!

Last Show You Binge Watched? 

The 100. I’m on season 5!

If You Could Have Lunch with Any Woman, Past or Present, Who Would it be and Why?

Pink. I’ve loved her music since I was young, but nowadays I respect and admire her as an amazing person as well. She’s very fierce and true to herself. Whenever I see her speak, her messages are always so positive and thoughtful. J.K. Rowling is a close second!

Pink Champagne Cake

Thank you, Colleen for participating in my interview! I truly enjoyed reading about your business and getting to know you more!  

I wish you success in all your future endeavors!