Interview- Jacqueline from Mom Money Map

One of my goals for Confessions of a Boss Babe is to help empower other boss babes. When I started my blog, I knew that I wanted to have an interview section to help other ladies be seen and grow. 

Today, I am excited to introduce Jacqueline from Mom Money Map. Jacqueline  was kind enough to answer some interview questions for me.

Let’s meet Jacqueline!

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Tell Me About Your Business. What Would You Like Us to Know?

I write about all things money:
● Earning more income including side, passive and quick income from home
● Saving more money including reducing everyday expenses and long-term debt
● Developing the optimal money mindset
● Reaching financial freedom and early retirement
● Spending frugally as a parent

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What Made You Pursue Your Business? Was it Something You Always Wanted to Do?

I’ve always been passionate about making and saving more money and the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement. 

With the birth of my daughter, I became even more driven to retire early- to spend more time with my family. 

I realized that other young parents might feel the same way. That’s how Mom Money Map was born. 

Kids can be expensive. The idea of retiring early as a young parent seems out of reach. 

The more I researched and the more actions I’ve taken towards building our funds, I’ve realized reaching early retirement as a young parent is possible. 

What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like for You?

No day is the same. 

As a start-up, I wear a lot of hats. Producing content. Marketing. Overall management. 

I do try to prioritize learning something new for the business each day that I can apply immediately. 

If You Could Give Women One Piece of Advice, What Would it Be?

When you’re starting a business, it’s easy to spend most of the hours in your day building it.

Don’t forget to take a step back and let yourself breathe. Disconnect and spend time with your friends and family.

You need that balance in your life. It’s through achieving that balance that you’ll think more clearly and build a more successful business.

If You Could Sit Down and Interview Any Boss Babe, Who Would You Choose and Why?

This is a tough question. There are many amazing women I would love to chat with. Right now, I’m reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. It’s an inspiring and insightful read thus far! I would love to interview Michelle Obama.

Lets Get to Know Jacqueline a Little More…

Favorite book?
Your Money or Your Life – best personal finance book I’ve ever read.

Guilty Pleasure?
Teenage romantic comedies – even though I’m not a teenager anymore, it’s so much fun watching these types of movies!

Last show you binge watched?
Tidying up with Marie Kondo

If you could have lunch with any woman, past or present, who would it be and why?
Ali Wong because she’s unapologetically raw and hilarious!

Jacqueline, thank you for doing the interview! I enjoyed reading about your blog. I wish you the best of luck with retiring early…that would be amazing! Hopefully it’s something I can do one day too!