Ladies…give a warm welcome to Misti Dian! Misti is an international speaker, author, Certified Holistic Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer. She is full of positive vibes and has an incredible work ethic! I am so excited to share my interview with her! 

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What made you pursue your business?

Was it something you always wanted to do?

Everything I have done has prepared me for my current career, most of all failure; but never giving up my vision. A relentless passion for bringing a vision to life has always been there. For a long time, I thought others also saw the beauty in unfinished things with the clarity and attention to detail I have, but that isn’t the case.

We all have our strengths and for me, vision, curiosity and creativity are the top gifts I rely on not only in business but also in every area of my life. I can remember while other little girls were playing Barbies or My Little Pony, I was setting up my pretend office or boutique store.

I was detailed in my creation, creating letter head and business cards and making to do lists for my imaginary assistants. I was even dressing the part in what I considered to be professional attire like a dress and heels or a blazer and someone’s reading glasses. I was polished and ready for action even as a child. It never occurred to me how much foreshadowing this would be.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Everyday is a work day because I believe what we do and who we are were never meant to be separate. When I’m not traveling, a typical day starts around 6-7am with coffee/tea, my devotional and prayer time (I mix meditation and journaling as well). I also try to read for about 30 mins before I even brush my teeth.

I get my kids off to school and then depending on clients/meetings I return calls/check emails, and when I’m done I go to yoga, walk my dogs and ‘nest’ my home (I’m very domesticated for someone who loves to travel). Two years ago I set an intention to create a life I didn’t need a vacation from. I’m happy to report this vision has been manifested in many ways – my schedule being one of them.

As a coach and spiritual activist, I make my own schedule and I can do my work from anywhere in the world including my coach training which is currently held in four countries. There are weeks when I travel to facilitate trainings and retreats where I might work ten hour days for ten days, but then I get to come home re-center and get grounded back into my home life with my kids, my flowers and plants, these are my solace.

I work with amazing people who share my work hard/play hard vision so it’s very balanced. For me, not working a structured ‘day job’ means I get to live my purpose and have a lot more time with my family. I’ve created a life I love very much.

Tell me about your business. What would you like us to know?

My ‘business’ is me. I’m an author, speaker, teacher and a coach. I help others align their lives so that what they think, say, do and believe are all the same in every area of their lives (holistically).

My clients range from housewives to global influencers and my methodology holds sacred space for big shifts mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Being a spiritual advocate is my soul’s purpose and I build everything I do from my own spiritual growth and experience. Everyone I meet and every experience I have is a teacher.

If you could give women one piece of business advice, what would it be?

Drop the obligations, expectations and societal rules you assume are required for approval and get curious about what YOU love and approve of. Start there and understand you are 100%responsible for the life you create – so make it one you love.

Drop the obligations, expectations and societal rules you assume are required for approval and get curious about what YOU love and approve of. – Misti Dian

If you could sit down and interview any boss babe alive, who would you choose and why?

I have so many superheroes but the influencer I will meet and interview is Nadia Bolz-Weber.
She’s a Lutheran minister who is brutally vulnerable, impeccably honest and radically changing the way we acknowledge religion and God. She’s the reason I decided to become an ordained minister myself.

Let’s get to know Misti a little more…

Coffee or tea? Both! Coffee – black and tea – green
Favorite book? Big Magic, by: Elizabeth Gilbert
Guilty Pleasure? Jenis ice cream, unlimited time in an antique mall or thrift store, as well as any luxury spa treatment – preferably all in the same day!!
Last show you binge watched? The Crown
If you could have lunch with any woman, past or present. Who would it be and why?
Mother Theresa, I want to know more about her wisdom behind my favorite quote ever: “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

About Misti…

Interview: Misti Dian- an International Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer

Misti Dian is the Director of Holistic Leadership for Radiant Health Institute. She is an international speaker, author, Certified Holistic Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer. A self-proclaimed creative at heart, Misti is a spiritual advocate for living well and loving others. Her goal is to co-create global change and awareness through her teachings. 
As a spiritual activist, Misti speaks with authority, passion and insight on leadership and her spiritual sustainability program. She leaves audiences feeling connected and empowered. Her fun-loving way of being is an inspiration to others and her approach is a direct, yet compassionate, platform for transformation. She believes as people heal, our planet will heal. This is Misti’s ultimate mission: Feed your spirit, find your path, change the world

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