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Ladies…give a warm welcome to Jackie Ducci! Jackie is an INSPIRING female entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of Ducci & Associates, an east coast-based talent acquisition agency servicing Fortune 500 clients nationwide. As if that’s not amazing enough, she is also the author of Almost Hired!

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Before we start the interview, I want to share with you Jackie’s new book Almost Hired: What’s Really Standing between You and the Job You Want.

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When you apply for a job but fail to get an interview, call back, or offer, no one tells you why. The fact is, most job seekers are unwittingly making critical mistakes at every stage of the hiring process–because the job-seeking advice they’ve always been told is just plain wrong. The unfiltered truth about how hiring decisions are really made is about to be exposed.

In Almost Hired, Jackie Ducci shares over a decade of real-world insight into recruiting and hiring. She shares insider knowledge of how to stand out at every stage of the process, from submitting your application through accepting an offer.

Whether you’re a first-time applier, considering a career change, reentering the workforce, or just plain struggling to gain traction in your job search, this book will help you zoom past the competition to hear those magic words: “You’re hired!”

Let’s get the interview started…

What made you pursue your business? Was it something you always wanted to do? 

I spent the majority of my 20’s working for another recruitment firm, and I’ll never forget the day my boss said to me, “you’re a decent recruiter, but your real strength is business development.”  At first I was hurt and took it as a jab (how dare you tell me I’m not an awesome recruiter?!  haha), but then I realized that he was actually right. 

My strength WAS business development.  I excelled at bringing in new business.  I also loved working with clients, understanding their needs, and managing accounts.  It was a lightning bulb moment for me.  I thought, “if my strength is truly business development, why am I allowing my hard-earned relationships to build someone else’s brand and ‘empire’ rather than my own?”

 I realized that if I hired some skilled recruiters and applied my skill set on the client side, I’d be much more successful running my own shop.  That’s how Ducci & Associates started – and I’ve never looked back.

Your story is so inspiring! I truly love it when other female entrepreneurs succeed.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

There honestly is no “typical.”  Some days I’m glued to my computer responding to emails, LinkedIn messages, reviewing candidates my team members have sourced, fielding phone calls on any variety of issues, putting out fires, etc. – the day-to-day grind that is inevitable. 

Other days I might be working on high-level strategy or content creation, or perhaps traveling to meet with clients, doing a public relations appearance… the list goes on.  And sometimes I could find myself juggling many of these tasks over the course of just 1 day.  It all depends on where I’m needed at any given time. 

One thing I’ve learned as an owner is the importance of keeping my schedule as fluid as possible to accommodate the needs of the business on any given day, because those needs are constantly shifting and changing. 

Slay girl, slay!

Tell me about your business. What would you like us to know?

Ducci & Associates is a one-stop shop for all things related to hiring.  We are a traditional recruiting firm (we find talent to fill our clients’ difficult job openings), but we also provide trainings and consulting services helping companies hire more effectively. 

We love seeing a client’s company excel because they finally found the right person for a critical job, or watching a candidate blossom at work because they finally found the right employer or position. 

It’s all about facilitating great matches.

It’s all about facilitating great matches.

If you could give women one piece of business advice, what would it be?

Embrace your femininity and lean into who you are.  I think many women in business feel pressure to “act like a man” or change their approach in order to be taken seriously in the professional arena.  In my experience,  it’s more effective to just be yourself. 

I naturally have a softer presence and a more introverted nature, but I never try to be something that I’m not.  And I’ve found that being authentic has drawn men (and other women) to me, rather than pushed them away. 

As long as you are smart, consistent, passionate, and good at what you do, you’ll be noticed for the right reasons. And that will make people will want to do business with you. 

That’s some truly incredible advice! 

If you could sit down and interview any boss babe, who would you choose and why? 

Barbara Corcoran.  Her rags to riches story is inspiring, and I always love to see a woman thriving in an industry largely dominated by men.  I think she would be fascinating to interview, and full of amazing advice.

Let’s get to know Jackie a little more…
Coffee or tea? Green juice every morning… then coffee 😊
Favorite book? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Guilty Pleasure? Macaroni and cheese
Last show you binge watched? Breaking Bad
If you could have lunch with any woman, past or present. Who would it be and why? Lisa Vanderpump.  I really admire her business acumen, philanthropic pursuits, and love of dogs and horses (a passion I share!) Also, she always manages to “have it together” despite the crazy amount that she constantly has on her plate.  There are so many topics that I would love to discuss with her.

About Jackie…

Jackie Ducci is the Founder and CEO of Ducci & Associates, an east coast-based talent acquisition agency servicing Fortune 500 clients nationwide. A natural and talented hiring expert with a guiding belief that great companies begin with great employees, Jackie consistently earns the respect and trust of clients and candidates alike with her piercing insight and can-do attitude. Her firm boasts an astounding 90 percent success rate placing candidates in long-term positions. 
 Jackie’s 15 years in talent acquisition (and consequent front row seat to countless closed-door hiring conversations) lead her to write her first book, Almost HiredAlmost Hired provides job seekers with true insider information, helping them to understand how hiring works from the employer’s perspective.  This real-world perspective helps readers attract – and secure – the jobs that they deserve. Jackie affirms that from large corporations to small start-ups, in good economies and in bad, and regardless of industry – the rules of hiring are the same.
Outside of work, Jackie’s passion has always been animals. She is a proud “dog mom” to her two beloved bulldogs (Pumbaa and Sadie), and an avid equestrian who owns and actively competes two horses at the regional level.  Jackie is also a dedicated supporter of various animal-related charities. Jackie obtained a bachelor of arts degree from The Catholic University of America.

Photo credit: Jane Shauck.
Photo credit: Jane Shauck
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