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Don’t you just hate it when you stumble across an influencer on social media who is being less than authentic? Authenticity is not something you can fake. If you’re not being your true self, eventually people will find out and you will loose their trust. 

Don’t let this happen to you!

Here are 5 simple ways to be authentic on social media.


Be yourself.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Your audience will catch on and when that happens, you will lose their trust. 

For example:

If your audience wants to be successful bloggers, and you’ve never had a successful blog, don’t try to pass yourself off as a millionaire blogger if you’re not.

That is unethical and it will ruin your reputation. Just be yourself.

5 Simple Ways to Be Authentic on Social Media


It is so important to let your personality shine! I have personally struggled with this since day one of my blog, but I am getting so much better!

It can be hard to open yourself up to the world. You will have some haters…we all eventually do, but the good outweighs the bad!

Stay true to your personality and you will attract the right audience for you!


One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to social media is people being too scripted.

It’s OK to be a little scripted if you are trying to get a message out to your audience, but don’t be afraid to show some personality. 

No one wants to interact and engage with someone who is boring…that’s just the honest truth. 

Two of my favorite Influencers to follow on Instagram are Jenna Kutcher and Rini Frey because of their authenticity and personalities. 

Tip: I use Pixistock’s interactive Social Media Content Calendar to help me plan my social media content. Put your own spin on the prompts to connect and engage with your audience authentically. There’s 365+ days worth of prompts, pre-researched hashtags, and an interactive calendar!


When you are connecting and engaging with your audience, don’t be afraid to show empathy. 

If you notice one of your followers struggling with something and you can relate to it, share some advice and let them know you understand.

If it’s not something you can personally relate to, you can still send them some kind words of encouragement!

The key is to be real. Don’t try to fake anything. Remember that your audience can tell if you aren’t being authentic, and you will lose their trust. 


Make sure that your social media profiles match your brand and designate you as a member of the community you’re trying to connect with. This helps build trust, and that’s super important!

My friend and blog coach, Sasha Lassey, from Everyday She’s Sparkling does a great job at matching her social media profiles to her brand. When you see her colors, fonts and images you associate them with her. 

That’s what you should aim for each time. You want your audience to associate you with your brand. This also helps you to be seen as an authority in your niche!

Tip: Instagram is my favorite social media platform, so I looked for a course that would help me grow my following. I decided to take the Authentic Instagram Engagement course by Ruthie Gray. If you want to grow your following authentically and organically, I highly recommend this course!

She also has a FREE 7 Day Instagram Story Challenge that I would also recommend!

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What are some of the ways you stay authentic on social media?
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